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Adobe established a standard called Portable Document Format, shortly PDF. It is meant to create and distribute digital documents. These documents can be displayed on any type of computer independent of the operating system running on it. There are different commercial applications that allow creating PDF-documents but as the name says these are not for free!

WinPDF Writer allows any user of a computer running a Microsoft OS to create PDF-files from any printable document out of any Windows application which is able to print on an installed printer.

WinPDF Writer installs as a virtual Windows pdf printer driver. The only thing you have to do to create a professional looking PDF-document is to print it with the Windows application of your choice and choose WinPDF Writer as the printer in the print-dialogue.

100% Free PDF Program

Easy installation process on any PC

Choose from different compression options

Create eMail friendly PDF Documents

Works with Microsoft Windows 7


How to create a PDF file

After you installed WinPDF go to your program menu and select WinPDF.

Choose Preferences
if you want to locate the folder your PDF documents will be saved in, or you have the option to decide whether PDF documents are automatically opened or emailed after being created or not.

Choose Security Settings
Secure your PDF documents by using passwords. You have the choice from creating a user password and a master password. Two Encryption Levels are available to restrict permissions for users in printing  documents, changing documents, copying or extracting content documents or adding and changing comments and form fields of documents.

When you are satisfied with your settings you are ready to create PDF files from you documents.
Open the document you want to create a PDF file from and choose the option >print from the menu.
Now select from your installed printers WinPDF then choose Printing Preferences >Paper/Quality >Advanced

Options:Here you can prepare your PDF documents for different usage for printing or web by choosing from 72 dpi to 600 dpi. You can set Image Color Management, Font management and document size settings. You also find PostScript Options here. WinPDF is easy and free to use.